Sweat for Health

On February 6, 2014, the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Misamis Occidental enacted Ordinance No. 04-14 entitled, “An Ordinance Institutionalizing the Physical Exercise and Wellness Program for All Capitol Employees in the Province of Misamis Occidental “ otherwise known as the “HATAW SA CAPITOLYO 2013” Ordinance. Authored and introduced by Honorable Gerard Teodorico R. Olegario II, M.D., Chairperson of the Committee on Health and Social Services, the Ordinance is SP’s legislative support to the wellness program under the Executive-Legislative Agenda for 2014-2016.
The Ordinance was launched last March 28, 2014 at the Capitol Grounds formally effecting a weekly wellness activity tagged as “Hataw sa Capitolyo.” It was hosted by the Provincial Governor’s Office and participated in by officials and Provincial & National employees from different (pre-assigned) team colors.

“Hataw sa Capitolyo” carries on the Health and Wellness Program of the Human Resource Management and Development Office (HRMDO) through a Provincial Governor’s Office Advisory dated August 15, 2013 called HATAW/ZUMBA sa Capitolyo.

Hataw sa Capitolyo is observed every Friday from 3:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon at the Capitol grounds. A designated team color hosts the Hataw every Friday. Though dubbed as “hataw”, meaning: “party hard” or “get in the groove” (www.bansa.org/dictionaries), it may also involve sports & other physical activities. Ball games (volleyball, basketball, kickball and badminton), yoga, belly dancing, zumba, trampoline exercises are among the activities to choose from. Thus, it is the discretion of the assigned team to pick an exercise/sports that works for everybody and for which everybody truly enjoys.

1554560_271368266369805_112736566_nThe rationale for the program as culled from the Prefatory Statement of Ordinance No. 04-14 is: “as the famous Latin phrase goes, “Mens Sana in Corpore Sano” which means, “a sound mind in a sound body” is what civil servants should aim for, to be able to fully deliver services to the public with utmost efficiency. Civil servants need not only be mentally fit, but physically fit as well. However, due to the many unhealthy factors in the environment and in the lifestyle of individuals, a number of health issues are threatening the populace’ productive capacities. Officials and employees who spend most of their time in offices are among the high-risk groups. Thus, it becomes imperative to develop and establish a wellness program to enhance physical activity to address this concern in order not to downgrade the quality of public service and the quality of life itself of public officials and employees.”

The employees and officials of the Provincial Government of Misamis Occidental are sweating out an hour every Friday afternoon to give better service to the public. Kudos!

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