PGMO Celebrates Employees’ Day


December is supposed to be the onset of Yuletide Season, but in Provincial Capitol Grounds, all the flowery costumes and decorations radiated a Summer-ish ambiance. The Hawaiian-themed party was part of the Provincial Government of Misamis Occidental’s Employees’ Day which took place on December 2, 2015. It was a special time for camaraderie, fellowship, and enjoyment among its employees.

The fun-filled celebration was filled with exciting games, such as, Highest Number of Costumed Participants, Boat is Sinking, Obstacle Race, Tire Rolling, High-Heel Walking for Men, and Bamboo Pole Boxing for Women, and highlighted by the Search for Mr. and Ms. PGMO Employees’ Day and Doble-Kara.

The program concluded with the declaration of winners with corresponding cash prizes. The candidates from the White Life Savers won the said competition while the Sky Blue Missioners’ candidates, Cristine Jay Afuang and Desiderio Tejada, Jr., were hailed as Best in Talent. On the other hand, representative from the Olive Drab Protectors won the Doble-Kara Contest.

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