Vice-Governor’s Speech: NMRAA Opening Ceremony

Maayong gabii sa tanan ug welcome sa atong mga delegates all over Region 10 to our humble province of Misamis Occidental.

My respect to our beloved Governor Herminia M. Ramiro; our Congressman from the 1st District – Hon. Jorge T. Almonte; our Oroquieta City Mayor – Hon. Jason Almonte; Mayors of the different LGU’s here represented; Misamis Occidental Schools Division Superintendent – Sir Jonathan dela Peña; delegates, teachers, coaches, and parents; to all our guests, sa usab maayong gabii.

We fully agree with our Governor that it is such a great honor to welcome you to our province. Hinaot nga ang among pag-abi-abi kaninyo nakapakita sa among tinud-anay nga gibating kalipay ug dungog to be this year’s host of the NMRAA Competition. Can I see the hands of all the delegates please? Can you please raise your hands? Pwede ba nato sila palakpakan? Thank you athletes.

Sports is an indispensable character molder. One can never underplay the vital role sports plays in developing the character of our youth – our country’s future leaders. Gawas sa pagpa-ugnat sa kusog, ang sports usab dako kaayo ug tabang sa paghulma sa atong kinaiya. That is why, we have sportsfests like NMRAA.

Anchored on the Palarong Pambansa Act of 2013, the law mandates that “The State shall support programs that will improve and promote the Palarong Pambansa… and other activities as the primary avenue for providing in-school sports opportunities to improve the physical, intellectual and social well-being of the youth.”

Through NMRAA, you – our young athletes – will learn not only how to survive and come out the best and the fittest; but most importantly, beyond winning and losing, the values of hard-work, perseverance, endurance, and self-respect which are inevitable core attributes an athlete learns as he trains, plays, and competes. Sports will not only teach the youth of this region to reach for excellence; sports will also teach the youth to divert their energy productively and to keep on trying until they see themselves getting better and until excellence is achieved.

Make Manny Pacquiao your aim and inspiration – one of the best Filipino athletes of our history – who showed not only to the Filipinos, but to the whole world that winning does not stop even in the face of failure or absence of triumph. A true winner has the iron heart and capacity to accept failure and make it a stepping stone for the next big win. I ask you now to turn to the athlete next to you ug ingna sya, “Be an iron-hearted athlete!”

My congratulations to the players who made it at this level! Play well and never give up in reaching your goal to make it in the Palarong Pambansa and even in the international arena. Your opponent is not your enemy, but consider him a co-aspirer for the next pride-bearer of this country. Play well and fair my dear athletes. The government believes in your remarkable potentials.

Thank you. To all the athletes and coaches, may God continually give you strength. Enjoy playing!

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