Vice-Governor’s Welcome Message: Opening Ceremony for Christmas sa Capitolyo, Employees’ Day, and Closing Ceremony for 6th Pas’ungko S’g MisOcc Festival

My respect to our beloved Provincial Governor, Hon. Herminia M. Ramiro; to our Board Members; to all our agency participants sa Christmas sa Capitolyo; sa tanang Department Heads ug mga empleyado sa Capitolyo; sa tanang Misamisnons, maayong gabii.

Tinuod jud diay, time flies so fast. Murag bag-o pa lang kaayo ta nag-celebrate same time last year sa atong Christmas symbols; ug karon, we are celebrating another chapter of this celebration. Not only that, today is also our Employees’ Day. Can we give our Provincial Government a big hand for that? Lingia ang imong kauban nga empleyado. Shake his or her hand ug ingna siya, “Thank you sa imong pagserbisyo sa gobyerno!”.

Not only that, we are also conducting tonight the closing ceremony of the 6th Pas’ungko S’g MisOcc Festival – another successful undertaking that has put the province of Misamis Occidental as one of the leading festival tourism drivers of this region – and this is, of course, under the administration headed by Gov. Herminia Ramiro and the Tourism Council Chair – Board Member Gerard Hilarion Ramiro.

All these achievements that we have garnered as a province are now parts of the pages of our history and these would not have been possible without the daily grace and blessing of our Lord Jesus Christ, the very reason why are still alive and kicking, and the very essence why we commemorate Christmas.

Today is the 2nd day of our month-long Christmas celebration and may I take the honor of welcoming you to this event and also of reminding you sa usa sa pinaka-importante nga mensahe sa Pasko, and that is the word “thanksgiving”.

Today is Employees’ Day and though it may be true that the employees next to you may not have everything they wish for, God is still worthy of our thanksgiving. Bisan dili nato maangkon ang tanan, daghan gihapon kaayo ta ug angay ikapasalamat; our being kept safe from disasters the entire year is a very notable blessing.

According to Time and Health website, thankfulness or gratitude offers not only spiritual, but also mental and physical health benefits. A 2009 study of 401 people showed that 40% among the 401 understudy naay clinical sleep disorders; the remaining 60% were the most grateful people who had better sleep quality, normalized sleep duration (not too long or too short), were able to fall asleep faster at night and also had less daytime tiredness compared to those who weren’t as thankful. Kinsa man diri dunay sleep problems? Gratitude o pagka-mapinasalamaton diay ang sulbad niana. Ingna imong tapad, “Always be grateful so you can sleep well.”

So let me open this event tonight with a big thank, first of all to God for His unfailing love and for sustaining us up until this day; sa atong pinalanggang Governor Herminia Ramiro for heading this province to more aggressive economic growth; to you, our faithful and supportive workforce – the PGMO employees; and of course, sa atong mga katawhang Misamisnon for always rallying behind us.

To God be all the glory. Welcome to Christmas sa Capitolyo. Enjoy our beautiful symbols. More power and more blessings for Misamis Occidental! Daghang Salamat.

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