Vice-Governor’s Message: Signing Ceremony on the Tourism Code of Misamis Occidental

My due respect to our very enthusiastic and beautiful Lady Governor, Honorable Herminia M. Ramiro; the Committee on Tourism, Archeology, Antiquities and Cultural Heritage of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, competently chaired by none other than the Hon. Gerard Hilarion Ramiro; so with the Vice-Chair, Hon. Emeterio Roa, Sr.; the capable members – Hon. Zaldy Daminar, Hon. Tito Decina and the Hon. Dodge Cabahug, Sr. I would also like to acknowledge the presence of the Hon. Richard Centino, Hon. Dan Navarro, Hon. Roy Yap and Hon. Lel Blanco and Hon. Pablo Stephen Ty; to the Provincial Department Heads who are present today; the very dynamic members of the Technical Working Group, composed of both government and non-government entities in the drafting of the Tourism Code of Misamis Occidental; the Chairpersons of the respective Committees on Tourism of the Sangguniang Bayan in our Province, our City and Municipal Tourism Officers, Chairpersons of the City and Municipal Tourism Councils, guests, friends, ladies and gentlemen, good morning!

My journey as a public servant is full of memorable events. Events, which were both happy and sad, exciting and frustrating. This is my second term as Vice-Governor and Presiding Officer of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of this Province, and since then within the span of four years, I already have a repository of significant events and experiences, specially, in leading and working with diverse personalities in the Sanggunian. Just like everybody else, there are certain experiences in my life which leave a deeper and lasting mark. One of which is the joy and sense of fulfillment which I experienced during the signing ceremony of the Environment Code last June 9, 2016. It was my first experience where the executive, the Honorable Governor Herminia Ramiro, and yours truly, in the legislative, sat side-by-side and officially affixed our signatures on the Environment Code. I remember vividly, of the sense of success and joy, the sense of fulfillment, but at the same time, I cannot help, but be aware of the solemnity that filled the SP Session Hall and the sanctity of the moment. That was barely a year from today; and it never occurred to me that, again, Ma’am Hermie and I, will be performing the same official act. In such a short span of time, we will witness another signing ceremony, which at this time is the Tourism Code of Misamis Occidental. I believe that I don’t have the monopoly of experiencing such joy and success. I also believe, that our dear Lady Governor also share such feelings; and I venture to say, that the signing of our Province’s Tourism Code this morning has a special touch in Ma’am Hermies heart. That inherent mother’s affection and pride of a dear son’s accomplishment. We know that this event has a special place in your heart, Ma’am, but we, in the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, have no reason to complain because as a mother to all of us, you never failed to give us your unending support, “Thank you very much, Ma’am”.

Also, please allow me to express my appreciation and gratitude to the Committee on Tourism, Archeology, Antiquities and Cultural Heritage headed by Board Member Gerard Hilaron Ramiro, who, relentlessly steered and directed the crafting of this Code. To those who are familiar with the legislative process, you know how long and complex it could be. It required ample funding, hard work and commitment. To the Committee, the Technical Working Group and the support staff, to you all, “Congratulations and thank you very much!” You have done a good job in factoring in our Province in the tourism industry in our country.

We have so much to offer to our tourists, both local and foreign. The splendor of Mt. Malindang alone will already amaze them. This Code is a very significant tool in order to make the most of the great potential in ecotourism in our Province. It is envisioned that the gains achieved by this administration in tourism promotion and development will be sustained.

At this point, I, as Vice-Governor and Presiding Officer, on behalf of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Misamis Occidental, presents this piece of legislation, The Tourism Code of Misamis Occidental, which was enacted by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan during the Regular Session on April 17, 2017 at the SP Session Hall, Capitol Building, Oroquieta City, to the Honorable Governor Hermie Ramiro, and to the people of Misamis Occidental with the fervent hope that in the very near future, tourism industry will flourish, an industry that will not only improve the lives of our people, but an industry that will advance sustainable development to the environment and to our people.

So now, may I call on the Hon. Tito B. Decina to sign on my behalf being the temporary presiding officer when the Tourism Code was approved on the third and final reading during the Regular Session on April 17, 2017 at which time there was a need for me to personally attend to a very important matter. Yet rest assured, you have my full support and my presence here today proves it so.


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