Vice-Governor’s Solidarity Message: Public Hearing on the Proposed Ordinance Prohibiting the Use of Modified/Deteriorated Muffler or Exhaust in All Motorcycles and Motorized Vehicles for Private or Public Use Travelling within the Province of Misamis Occidental

My respect to the the beautiful Provincial Lady Governor, Honorable Herminia M. Ramiro represented by our Provincial Legal Officer, Atty. Ricardo Lumantas; the Committee on Natural Resources and Ecology of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, chaired by our senior board member, ug sa ato pa, veterano na nga magbabalaod, Hon. Zaldy Daminar, with his Vice-Chair, the Hon. Tito Decina, nga usa usab ka veteran legislator together with his supportive members, the Hon. Roy Yap, Hon. Dan Navarro and Hon. Dodge Cabahug, Sr., the municipal, city and provincial department heads, representatives of the national agencies, specifically, the LTFRB and LTO, the representatives of the different transport groups, guests, friends, ladies and gentlemen, good morning!

It is not long, a month, to be precise, a public hearing on the Investment and Incentive Code was conducted by this Sanggunian, through the Committee on Commerce, Trade and Industry, chaired by our board member Pablo Stephen “Pipit” Ty. Because this is a working Sanggunian, today, is quite a busy day for us. For the information of everyone, we are conducting two public hearings today. This morning’s public hearing addresses one of the contributing factors to noise pollution, mga improvised and old mufflers. This afternoon, we tackle rabies control and prevention.

The Environment Code of Misamis Occidental which was approved on June 9, 2016 embodied some provisions on Noise Pollution in Article XI. However, before us today, is the Proposed Ordinance No. 09-17, “An Ordinance Prohibiting the Use of Modified or Deteriorated Muffler/ Exhaust (Tambutso) in all Motorcycles and Motorized Vehicles for Private or Public Use Travelling within the Province of Misamis Occidental” which is specifically directed at the most common source of noise, modified and old mufflers.

According to a study by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), tricycles, motorcycles, or scooters thundering through our streets and neighborhoods produced noise levels as high as 97 decibels to 110 decibels. That’s as loud as thunder, a dance club or a rock-and-roll band. What is more disturbing is that a lot of tricycle and motorcycle owners have intentionally disabled or removed their tailpipe silencers or modified their mufflers in order to generate ear-wrecking sounds, just for fun. The sound generated is way above the national standards for a residential area, which is 60 decibels during daytime, and 50 decibels during nighttime. My friends, prolonged exposure to noise levels at or above 80 decibels has been medically proven to cause permanent hearing loss. Eight (80) decibels is equivalent to the sound produced by an alarm close at two feet, factory noise, vacuum cleaner, heavy trucks, and loud radio music.

Remember, we have a right to a peaceful environment. I am sure, our Lady Governor, Ma’am Hermie, as always, is supportive in addressing this concern. I believe noise pollution is everyone’s concern. Your presence this morning affirms your resolve to enjoy the right to a peaceful environment. With this end in view, I hope we will have a dynamic and healthy discussion on the provisions of this Ordinance. Your comments and recommendations are highly appreciated.

Thank you very much and MAY GOD BLESS US ALL. MABUHAY!

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